2011-2012 GVC_Homeland protection course

“Green hills and water streams” is the beautiful scene in everyone’s mind. Owing to the developed technology, the global economy and the social organization structure is changing. It changed the relationship between human and the environment. People enjoy the results of the prosperous economy. However, the huge technology power is destroying our natural environment due to human’s improper use of it.

   Human over developed hills, and over used natural environment. Moreover, earthquake and typhoon caused the landslides. These threatened human’s life. In order to give human a clean environment to live, everyone should have some basic knowledge of environmental protection. Train our children to respect the nature and emphasize the concept of ecological preservation. Change from the inner mind to the real action, it’s the basic method to solve environment problems.

   The materials contain five themes : water, soil, forest, recovery, and leisure. It was designed according to Ministry of Education’s curriculum syllabus in Taiwan. It was also based on student’s learning stage: Edit from easy to hard and in an orderly way. By teaching the materials, we hope children will know their responsibility to maintain the clean earth not only knowledge or theory, but put it into real practice. To protect the natural resources and wild animals is everyone’s resposibility. We want to pass down the spirit and leave Taiwan’s beauty for our descendants.